About the tailings.info website

This website is one of two websites that were developed alongside a PhD thesis submitted at the University of Leeds in 2006 by Jon Engels. The thesis entitled, 'An Expert Management System for Surface Tailings Storage' has been built on the industrial requirements to reduce the associated risks of surface tailings storage. In the thesis the fundamentals of tailings management are discussed as well as the necessity for training and competency testing of tailings related personnel. The research has developed a systematic tailings management system that can be established at any mine site to enhance the consistency of day to day management, reduce risk and increase safety. Accompanying the thesis is an interactive online database that is designed to increase awareness of safe storage practices. This database compliments the managerial components of the thesis by ensuring that the tailings personnel are confident and can implement a tailings management system effectively. The free online training resource, known as Tailpro, is located at www.tailpro.com/resource .

link to TailPro Resource

In summary, the research provides a novel approach to improving tailings management and provides an interactive training tool focused on increasing a user’s ability, awareness and competency on a wide range of tailings storage scenarios. This online tool is supported by a thesis that identifies the fundamentals of today’s tailings storage practices, as well as the challenges and managerial requirements to reduce operational risk.

Tailings.info has been a portal for industry and the public since 2002 to contribute information and research into tailings storage practices. The site also increases public awareness with respect to the modern day handling and storage of tailings. I'd like to thank everyone who has contributed over the years both to this site and the research carried out at the University of Leeds. Thanks also to all the people who have allowed me to visit their operations over the years. In total over 140 tailings facilities were visited and researched for the final thesis.

Due to the number of daily visitors that both the tailings.info and tailpro.com websites receive (which is still growing) and the feedback received primarily from industry, it was decided in 2008 to maintain both the websites as a 100% free resource.